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Module 1 Chapters   

Introduction  ( Elements of Art  |  Principles of Art )  |  2-D Art | Sculpture | Architecture 

Module 2 Chapters

Music & Opera | Literature | Theatre | Cinema | Dance

Module 3 Chapters

Ancient Art | Pre-Modern Art | Emerging Modern World | Modern, Post Modern, and Pluralistic


Drip-Art - located in the chapter 1 folder of module 1.

Museum Visit - located in the chapter 6 folder of module 2.

Research Paper - located in the chapter 13 folder of module 3.

Note: Submit all assignments on Blackboard. To submit an assignment the module needs to be open.

Tests and Study Guides

All tests, and study guides, are located at the end of the Module folders. You can't take a test until it's activated. Do the Study Guide, Practice Test, and read all instructions before taking any test, and remember, you can take a test twice.

Test 1 - is located at the end of Module 1. It covers: the Intro, Chapter 1 (2-D Art), Chapter 2 (Sculpture), and Chapter 3 (Architecture).

Test 2 - covers Chapter 4 (Music and Opera), Chapter 5 (Literature), Chapter 6 (Theatre), Chapter 7 (Cinema), and Chapter 8 (Dance).

Test 3 -
covers all of part II: Chapter 9 (ancient Approaches), Chapter 10 (Artistic Reflections in the Pre-Modern World), Chapter 11 (Artistic Styles in the Emerging Modern World), and Chapter 13 (The Arts in a Modern, Postmodern, and Pluralistic World). Note: Skip Chapter 12!

Writing Tips

Writing tips are in Course Resources on Blackboard.

How to write an essay:
3-Part Funnel Approach / Argumentative Essay

Punctuation Sheet

Practice Your Punctuation


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