J O H N   C H I A P P O N E Tri-C Bb

Module 1 Chapters

Introduction  | 
Pre-Socratics  |  Sophists and Socrates  |  PlatoAristotle  |  Philosophy After Aristotle  |  Theology in the 11th and 12th Centuries 

Module 2 Chapters

Descartes  |  Locke  |  Berkeley  |  Hume  |  Kant  |  Existentialism



Philosophy Paper Instructions - located at the end of module 2.

Note: This paper must be submitted on Blackboard assignment in module 2. To submit an assignment the module needs to be open. Do not email, message, or bring the paper in class.

Writing Tips
Writing tips are in Course Resources on Blackboard.

View these short videos.

Essay structure:
3-Part Funnel Approach / Argumentative Essay

Help with Punctuation

Punctuation Sheet
Practice Your Punctuation

Help Finding Topics

Pick one problem from:
The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell
Canonical Reading List in Philosophy

Critically read the book, supplemental materials, and lecture notes above. This means you should be looking for problems, resolving problems with your interpretations, and asking questions.


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